Yury Panasik

Responsibilities in Kesarev

– consulting services to the leading international and Russian companies as well as to the Russian state authorities

– regulatory and political risk assessment in Russia and post-Soviet states

– economy sectors of expertise: agriculture, FMCG, healthcare and pharma industry, IT, transport, financial markets, etc.

Professional Experience

Before joining Kesarev Consulting, Mr. Panasik was a Senior Analyst in the Centre for Current Politics of Russia as well as an expert in several nongovernmental and analytical organizations specialized on projects in post-Soviet countries.


Yury graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Lomonosov State University of Moscow.

He participated in GR master-classes and finished special courses, including the course "Introduction of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Russia" organised by the Higher School of Economics (2013).

Languages: Yury is fluent in Russian and English.