Oleg Khrabry

Responsibilities at Kesarev

– Due diligence and risk management for large clients in Russia and post-Soviet countries

– Forensic data analytics and compliance risks assessment

– Asset tracing and background checks

– Corporate and competitive intelligence

Professional Experience

Oleg is a professional forensic expert with 15+ years of experience as a lead of multiple fraud investigations, due diligence and risk management projects in Russia, Ukraine, CIS and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining Kesarev as the partner in due diligence and forensic services, Oleg had been a partner of Verity Advisors forensic group, then a managing partner of his own investigative firm, which merged with Kesarev under his lead. In his early career, Oleg had been an investigative journalist of the leading Russian weekly magazine Expert with the special focus on the Middle East affairs and international politics.  

Background: Oleg graduated in Orientalism from Moscow State University, Institute of African and Asian studies. In 2010-2011 Oleg graduated from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, US, MA. 

Languages: Oleg is fluent in English and classical Arabic, including colloquial dialects of Arabic language.