Oleksandr Ilkov

Oleksandr Ilkov is the head of Company’s legislative and regulatory affairs practice in Ukraine.

Responsibilities in Kesarev

– Coordination and implementation of legislative and regulatory lobbying projects

– Analysis of normative acts affecting our clients’ business in Ukraine

– Management of legislative drafting process in respective cases

– Development of recommendations for clients’ further PA activities and general business strategy.

Professional experience

Prior to joining Kesarev Consulting, for more than ten years Mr. Ilkov had been holding high level positions in Ukraine’s public authorities, focusing on regulation concepts’ development, regulatory impact assessment, legal expertise and legislative drafting. In the executive branch Oleksandr worked for six years at the Administration of the President of Ukraine; in the judiciary branch he was a member of the High Qualification Commission of Judges and an Advisor to and Charge in Staff of the President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. Oleksandr cooperated with the Council of Europe, Venice Commission and other international organizations. He was the member of Ukraine’s delegation to the Joint US-Ukraine Working Group on Political Dialogue and Rule of Law. Before public service career, Mr. Ilkov worked as a lawyer in private sector, as a political advisor and as a CEO in different private companies.

Background: Oleksandr holds and LLM degree from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and the Master degree in International Economy from the Uzhgorod National University. Oleksandr held fellowships from the Germany Government within the InWENT Programme, completed the Swedish Institute Management Program and graduated from Ukrainian School of Political Studies.

Ranks and Recognitions: Honorary Lawyer of Ukraine. Second state employee rank. Mr.Ilkov is a Member of the Board of Ukrainian Bar Association and the Executive Secretary of Scientific and Educational Legal Journal "Elections and Democracy".

Languages: Oleksandr is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.