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Significant dates in Ukraine politics in 2019-2020

April 30, 2019

Actor and showman Volodymir Zelensky won the presidential elections In Ukraine, earning in the second round 73,2% votes against 24,4% received by the incumbent President Poroshenko.

The victory continues the worldwide trend of the rise of anti-establishment figures in politics. In Ukraine, the victory may completely change the power architecture. Since neither he nor his non-parliamentary party, Sluga Naroda (Servant of the People) are embedded into the existing political system.

Furthermore, these elections may have a serious impact on the subsequent parliamentary elections, scheduled for autumn 2019 and local elections, scheduled for autumn 2020. These and other significant dates for Ukraine politics are covered in the infographics.

Amendments to the antimonopoly legislation on digital markets: content, timeline and consequences

December 20, 2018

Over the last 1.5 years, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (the FAS) works on the so-called “fifth antimonopoly package” - amendments to the Competition Law governing digital markets. The package is to expand the powers of the FAS to regulate digital markets and adapt the antimonopoly legislation to specifics of digital economy. 

Challenges for businesses from massive product labeling in the Eurasian Economic Union

December 06, 2018

Natalia Malyarchuk, Head of Kesarev Kazakhstani office, spoke on the hidden challenges for businesses caused by the introduction of massive product labeling in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and its member states during the International Forum «Anticounterfeiting 2018» on November 19, 2018. The challenges include the unclear hierarchy of product labeling systems on the national and international levels, cost increase for FMCG products and thus for consumers, remaining turnover of unsafe products despite product labeling and inevitable difficulties for pilot projects. Retail.ru published an article based on the presentation.

Selected regulatory trends in Kazakhstan until 2019

September 12, 2018

On September 1, Kazakhstan officially starts a new political season. Addressing a joint session of the Chambers of the Parliament, President Nursultan Nazarbayev designated tasks for the legislature and the executive. This review presents the most significant changes that business should expect in the upcoming season until the beginning of 2019.

Yury Panasik provided extensive commentary on the appointment of Dmitry Patrushev as the new Minister of Agriculture

July 12, 2018, Agroinvestor

“Agroinvestor” magazine quotes Yury Panasik, partner from the Kesarev firm who considers that this appointment has political and economic logic related to the priorities of the agricultural sector’ development in Russia. 

Kesarev won Advancing Interest Award 2018!

June 29, 2018

Kesarev became a winner of the Advancing Interest Award 2018 for Multi-market Case Study. The prize was awarded for localizing and conducting scenario-based training prepared for Danone Early Life Nutrition in Argentina, Brazil and Russia within Interel Global Partnership (IGP) network. 

The Best Lawyers 2019 rating listed Evgeny Roshkov, managing partner from Kesarev for the fifth consecutive year

June 28, 2018, Best Lawyers in Russia 2019

Kesarev was again ranked by Best Lawyers 2019. Kesarev's managing partner Evgeny Roshkov was named among top lawyers within Regulatory Practice for the fifth consecutive year.

Yuri Panasik commented on the expected reshuffles in the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture for the “Agroinvestor” magazine

June 25, 2018, Agroinvestor

Partner Kesarev Consulting Yury Panasik believes that "the options for appointing deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Agriculture on the recommendation of new Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev are not ruled out. This practice, for example, was typical when Arkady Dvorkovich was Deputy Prime Minister, who supervised agricultural and industrial complex among other sectors".

Kesarev team supports clients at the SPIEF18

 May 24, 2018

On May 24-26, Kesarev team will work in Saint Petersburg and support clients at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

Kesarev prepared a memo of the latest Russian counter-sanction policy developments

April 19, 2018

The memo is aimed to bring more clarity on the risk, procedural time-frame and possible mitigation measures, and might be of interest for a broad range of countries, industries and companies since it may influence them. 

As you remember, on Friday April 13, the Chairman of the Russian State Duma (lower house of the Parliament) Viacheslav Volodin and heads of all four State Duma factions submitted a bill “On Measures to React (Counteract) to Unfriendly Activities of the United States of America and Other Foreign Countries”. 

See key highlights on the next page and download the memo for other details and recommendations.