Yury Panasik: “Establishing a system of managing regulatory issues will save business from money losses”

March 4, 2019

On 27 February, Yury Panasik, Partner at Kesarev gave a key-note speech on how to set up and manage a system of issues management to ensure business leaders take proper decisions for continuity of operations. Yury spoke at the GR Force 2019 conference. 

Yury provided an overview of the Issues Management System and its relevance to core business functions. Such a system consists of four major blocks. These include monitoring of long-term trends, understanding the potential for realization of these trends, prevention of short-term risks and mitigation the impact of occurred damages. The system lays the foundation for prioritization of these trends, issues and risks. They are assessed based on their impact and probability of influencing business. This approach helps top managers to take weighted decisions and distribute resources along with the urgency of threats. Using such a system may save business from money losses.

GR Force is an annual forum for GR experts, where they share experience and case studies without media, hence contributing to the development of government relations community in Russia. Kesarev takes part and supports the forum from its day one in 2017.