Vedomosti published an article on Eurasian Economic Union written by Kesarev Consulting

Yury Panasik, senior advisor wrote an article on political challenges and economic opportunities of Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) for the key Russian business newspaper Vedomosti.

The article provides analysis of the current status and prospects of EAEU development, the respective role of political and economic factors influencing integration process in post-Soviet region and key risks and opportunities the EAEU brings for business. 

The article is focused on the EAEU supranational bodies, their key areas of responsibilities important for business, specifics of decision-making process at the supranational level and the prospects of EAEU as a subject of international trade. 

The article outlines the key trends of the EAEU development - the re-distribution of powers from national to supranational level, the inclusion of new economic sectors and regulatory areas in the sphere of supranational regulation, the launch of new common markets of goods and services, and EAEU's increasing role in such regulatory spheres as antimonopoly regulation, intellectual property protection, etc.