About Firm

Kesarev is among few reputable local consultants to provide professional and compliant services in CIS region on government relations, public affairs, regulatory/policy and issues management.

With offices in Astana (Kazakhstan), Kyiv (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia), Kesarev has been assisting industry associations, global, multinational and national companies of international scale throughout CIS region since 2004.

We promote our clients’ case at all governmental levels, address complex issues, minimize risks and ensure business continuity through establishing clear and effective political/regulatory environment and sustainable relationships.

Kesarev works closely with "best friends" in other jurisdictions, leading law firms and industry associations to bring our clients trough policy/regulatory issues and disputes of strategic importance and to extend them with our own specialized expertise.

Team of 30 professionals, who have long-term experience in legal, public policy, governmental affairs and crisis communications. We are fluent in languages spoken by authorities and essential stakeholders.



  • longtime history of serving multinational corporations according to high professional standards and internationally recognized compliance requirements;
  • firm employees regularly participate in in-house and CLE trainings regarding antibribery and antimony laundering practices, corporate compliance standards and FCPA/UKBA special requirements;
  • Kesarev is also in full compliance with the provisions of the national legislation of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, requirements and principals of their antibribery legislation, corporate governance and ethics;
  • our experts and management attend continued educational programs and trainings in compliance awareness, anti bribery compliance, anti money laundering and etc.; our internal policies include annual continuing education (both eternal and internal) in those areas of compliance and legislation;
  • Kesarev team members act under commitment to abide the Code of Ethics of Society of European Affairs Professionals and American Association of Government Relations Professionals;
  • Kesarev and/or its employees are the member of International Bar Association, International Compliance Association and Public Affairs Council, where they are obliged to professional ethics and compliance restrictions.